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Nepal Culture

Nepal is rich and unique in culture. Nepal has bloomed different culture over the centuries.  Ethnic peple, tribe, social groups and their living style, indigeneous skill and knowlegdge, classic tools and epuipments, cultural dance & music; folklore and folktales; different types of Crafts and art; language and literature, festivals, celebration , religion and their supportive customs, temples, monuments and many more. There is cultural diversity as well as the best harmony which makes bonding between the people and forms unity within the diversity.
Nepal contains different kinds of festivals from different community all over the year and equally celebrated and respected by the people. Since the country is predominated by Hindu and Buddhist religion the mostly festivals are related with religion, though people from different community shares the joy. Dashain, Tihar, Chhath, Janaipurnima, Buddhajayanti, Eid, Lohsaar, Christmas and many local festivals are celebrated all the year. 
You find the association with the prehistoric epic, Mahabharat and Ramayana. More you will find the development of Nepali culture in different eras and still living legends, myths and culture. The folktales, Dances, Culture still lives within the valley and all local community of their own all over Nepal.
The living Goddess, Kumari can be worshipped in Kathmandu. Patan and Bhaktapur are holding the Arts ,Crafts and Culture. You can explore the cultural heritages and jewels of cultural harmony from the succession stages of Licchhavi Dynasty, Suryavanshi Dynasty, Thakuri Dynasty, Shah dynasty.
Spatial distribution of social values and culture develeoped within the community is the local taste of the nepal, so they are unique. They all Respect each other and their culture and wave the beads of culture to form a single, unique and strong Pride for nation. And all knows that Guests are first, which anyone can taste while visiting and we assure you will be served like your very own.  



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