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Formalities Of Tibet

Formalities Of Tibet



No international certificates of vaccination regarding Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Yellow Fever or Rabies is demanded but recommended.

As Lhasa lies at 3600 meters (12 000 feet), you are likely to experience some of the minor symptoms and discomfort of altitude sickness (headache, nausea, loss of appetite...) until your body adjusts to the elevation. This can take from a few hours to a couple of days, depending on the individual. Take it lightly, but drink plenty of non-alcoholic liquids. A proper hydration is critical to acclimatization.


As the temperatures fall fastly, it is recommended to wear several layers of breathable clothes that you can take off easily if you feel to hot.


The Yuan is the local currency.

The running rate of exchanges is US$ 1 = Yuan 7 and 1 € = Yuan 9.

Money can be exchanged at The Bank of China in Zhangmu, Xigatse and Lhasa. In case of the banks are closed, we suggest you to ask for a loan from your guide.

Tibet Time

Lhasa Time is UTC+8:00.

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