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Bunjee Jumping

Bunjee Jumping

Nepal is the ideal place to practice many adventure sports and bungee jumping is one of them. The Nepalese spot for bungee jump is registered in the Top 10 of the highest spots in the world. The Bhote Koshi spot is 500 feet high above the river making it very challenging. This place has opened in 1999.

This remarkable 500 ft (160 m) drop into the Bhote Koshi River gorge is located 3 hours from Kathmandu and 12 kilometres from the Tibet/Nepal border adjoining the famous Friendship Bridge.

The jump takes place on a 166 metres long steel bridge over the river. From a Swiss design, the bridge has a loading factor of 250 kgs per running metre. This means that the bridge will hold 250 x 166 = 41 500 kgs or 41.5 tones. And these are Swiss measurements!
Over 6000 metres of steel wire were necessary to build the longest suspension bridge in Nepal. This bridge joins two sides of a huge gorge. Before its construction, locals walked five hours to cross the gorge.

The used rope consists of many rubber strands, which are covered by sheaths protecting them from sunlight, wind and dirt. The rope may stretch to 3 or 4 times its free length.

Operated by some of the most experienced Western Jump Masters, bungee jumping in Nepal has one of the most reliable safety instalments mechanisms. And the safety measurements are of such high standards that is has witnessed no incidents till this date. 

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